Vive Flow VR from HTC uses your phone as a controller and requires Android

Vive Flow

Despite the fact that virtual reality (VR) isn’t as popular as it once was, HTC’s Vive range is continuously evolving. HTC Vive Flow, a compact VR headgear that uses your Android phone as a controller but still requires it, was revealed today by the firm.

The HTC Vive Flow, which retails for $499, is a virtual reality headgear that doesn’t require a gaming PC to use. This lightweight headset weighs just 189 grams and features a sleek design with built-in speakers and even an active cooling system to keep your eyes cool during long gaming sessions. A 100-degree field of view and a 75Hz refresh rate are used in the internal display, which has two 16001600 displays, one for each eye. This VR headset’s main selling point appears to be its diminutive size when worn on your face compared to others. It may also be folded up and stored in a tiny space when not in use.

Even while the Vive Flow has an internal battery, it’s only meant to keep the gadget powered up as you switch between external power sources. Interesting. HTC created the device to be powered by a separate battery bank for the external battery. HTC’s battery claims a runtime of 4-5 hours, however any USB-C battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh or higher should do the work. The Qualcomm XR1 chip in the HTC Vive Flow has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and it supports about 100 apps. In addition to meditation and socializing apps, HTC is showcasing some simple games and video streaming as well.

Vive Flow

However, what’s interesting about HTC’s Flow headgear is that, instead of a traditional controller, users may use their smartphone to operate the Flow. Your Android phone is used to point at UI elements, as well as “taps” and scrolling, using a motion control method popularized by the Wii remote.

For easy controls, the headset connects to your Android phone through Bluetooth. For app mirroring, the headset connects via “5G” (probably a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection). Due to HTC’s lack of support for iPhones in these areas, Android users will be the only ones able to utilize the headset, as the company has not yet provided any additional information.

Next day, HTC Vive Flow will be available for $499 from participating retailers. Pre-orders can be placed right now on the website.

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