Upgrade to iOS 15 will be available on Sept. 20

Finally, the most eagerly awaited software release of the year is here.

Image: Apple

The massive iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS improvements are just around the corner. Apple will release iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 as free software updates on September 20th, one day after the iPhone’s annual launch event. We currently don’t have an expected release date for macOS Monterey, the next major update for Macs.

With the launch date as such close to the start of the new iPhone 13 series, this launch date makes sense. In June, when Apple unveiled iOS 15 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, we got our first look at the latest upgrade’s new features. Most of the significant changes are focused on improving FaceTime and removing the distracting nature of your phone. To restrict notifications for different life circumstances, such as holidays, sleep, and work, there is a feature that is called Focus (the profiles are fully customizable, so you can set it to meet your specific needs). There are even more impressive features to discover in iOS 15, like the ability to bundle notifications together and schedule them to appear on your phone at a time of your choosing, which prevents you from spending unnecessary time looking at notifications. To use iOS 15, you’ll be able to make phone calls to pals who use Google Android, schedule get-togethers using Apple Maps, and use your device’s camera to scan text.

While it’s unknown when macOS Monterey will be ready for primetime, these upgrades to the FaceTime and Focus apps are included as part of the platform’s latest enhancements, which are designed to help the iPhone and Mac function more fluidly together.

SharePlay, the widely anticipated group media watching feature for both iOS and macOS, has been delayed and will not be available to use with the latest FaceTime features at first. User objections during the public and development beta testing trimmed back most of the work to be done on Safari. I’m very glad.

Several media outlets, including The Verge, The Wall Street Journal, and CNET, report that Mac OS X Universal Control, a feature that will let users use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple Macs, or even a Mac and an iPad, is delayed, though it may be included when the final version of Monterey is released.

Other customers are likely to experience an overload on Apple’s servers as they try to download the same software. Even if there is no ongoing threat, it’s better to wait a while before using the latest and greatest software to be sure there aren’t any bugs in it.

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