Thursday night’s box office for “Venom 2” was a huge $11.6 million

Andy Serkis returns to direct the Sony and Marvel sequel, which recasts Tom Hardy in the eponymous character.


At the domestic box office on Thursday evening, Venom: Let There Be Carnage hissed ominously with $11.6 million in previews. Shows began at 4 p.m. local time in 3,700 theaters throughout the country.

As consumers get more comfortable returning to cinemas, companies like Sony and Marvel expect a busy month that feels more like summer than a typical October.

Director Andy Serkis helms Tom Hardy’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage, in which Serkis also serves as co-producer. Along with Woody Harrelson and Michelle Williams (as well as the comic book villain Shriek), the picture also features Reid Scott and Naomie Harris, the latter of whom plays the evil Shriek in the comics.

During the COVID-19 crisis, just a handful of Hollywood films have managed to debut in the high $50 million range or even north of $60 million.

Shaun of the Dead, a joint venture between Marvel and Disney, was one that succeeded. Also released exclusively in theaters at the end of the summer, this film smashed Labor Day weekend box office records with $94.7 million, a triumph for the domestic box office despite the delta variation and competition from studios releasing titles day-and-date on streaming platforms.

Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a journalist who is infected with an extraterrestrial symbiote in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. They form Venom when they combine their powers and abilities. Harrelson reprises his role as vengeful killer Cletus Kasady from the previous Venom film’s post-credits sequence (2018). Harrelson’s Kasady assumes the identity of Carnage, Venom’s primary nemesis in the comics.

In spite of unfavorable reviews, the original Venom debuted at $80 million domestically and went on to make an impressive $850 million worldwide.

Sony rescheduled the release date of the picture from September 24 to October 15 because of concerns about how many people would see it in theaters and whether or not the delta version would be successful. However, with the success of Shang-Chi, the company decided to forward the release date of Venom 2 to Oct. 1.

This weekend marks the release of a slew of new movies, including Venom 2.

There will be a simultaneous release in the US and Canada of The Addams Family 2, with premium on-demand available at the same time in those countries as well. According to early estimates, the animated picture from MGM and Bron Creative will open at between $10 million and $20 million domestically. This would be the best performance for an animated film produced during the COVID period.

This weekend also sees the release of Warner Bros. and New Line’s The Many Saints of Newark, a Sopranos prequel. HBO Max subscribers may see the film, along with all of the other 2021 Warner releases, for free. The prequel is expected to begin with only a few thousand dollars in the bank.

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