August 18, 2022
Former Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, and former Bachelor, Nick Viall are calling each other out.

Former Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, and former Bachelor, Nick Viall are feuding. According to Us Weekly, Thurston told a viewer in an Instagram Q&A session, “Nick Viall is blocked from my phone.” The response came after the fan asked, “Why does Nick Viall hate you?”

Viall, and his model girlfriend, Natalie Joy, are confused by Thurston’s animosity toward the 41-year-old host of “The Viall Files” podcast. In a July 11 episode of the podcast, Joy stated that she had seen the Q&A exchange between Thurston and the viewer, and she felt very confused. “I know for a fact that Nick has only ever tried to help her and give her advice. Which she has never taken,” Joy asserted.

Why Did Thurston Block Viall?

The reason Thurston gave for blocking Viall was that people keep telling her that he is “talking s***” about her on his podcast, and she is sick of it, Us Weekly reports. Joy, however, thinks she blocked him for another reason entirely. Viall’s 24-year-old girlfriend claimed on the July 11 podcast that the real reason Thurston blocked Viall is that “she is trying to protect herself from texting Nick things she shouldn’t be saying.”

Joy and Viall both agreed that Thurston is the only one in the franchise who goes on social media just to “talk s***” about the guys on her season. They, and their guest, podcaster, Lisa Schwartz, all admitted to finding Thurston’s actions very inappropriate. Viall expressed, “I have heard some horror stories about my peers, but I don’t want to put it all out there. It is almost as if [Katie] feels like she has this ownership over these guys from her season.”

The Feud Continues…

Viall went on to tell the story of how Thurston was on his podcast shortly after the episode aired where she sent Thomas Jacobs home and “gave him one of the cruelest goodbyes in arguably the history of the season.”  Viall said he tried to give Thurston “an out” because her cruelty was rooted in baseless rumors, but instead she “doubled down” and warned the women on “Bachelor in Paradise” to stay away from Thomas, “suggesting he was like some bad guy.”

Joy and Schwartz then encouraged Nick to read the last text that Thurston sent him before she blocked him, hoping it would give listeners clarity about their feud. Joy ended up reading the text for him, which went like this: “Ultimately my opinion on Greg doesn’t matter. I knew before he left he wasn’t The One. It was hard watching it back and always giving him validation, only for him to leave the way he did. But I knew even then that there was zero chance him and I would have worked in the real world.”

Viall’s response to that text is apparently what put fuel on the fire and caused Thurston to shut him out. Nick explained on the podcast that he wrote back to Thurston, “It is good that you have clarity. As long as you are happy, that is what matters.” Thurston took offense to his response and blocked him shortly after.

Thurston did not say why she was offended by that response.  However, she may have questioned its sincerity, because that is what she did with a previous response from Viall when she confronted him about talking badly about her on his show. According to Life & Style, Thurston revealed, “I messaged [Nick] one time and I was like, ‘Hey, just so you know, people are finding the things you’re saying [about me] kind of odd.’” This yielded what she called a “passive aggressive response,” Life & Style reports, i.e. “How great that you have fans that care about you! Don’t take it personally!’”  Thurston apparently did.

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