August 8, 2022
One Challenge competitor called out their co-star for being 'shady' and explained what happened.

The spinoff “Challenge: USA” is now airing on CBS and fans have seen that it’s just as cutthroat and drama-filled as any regular “Challenge” season, with two competitors going home on the July 13 episode after they were blindsided into the elimination.

In the show’s second episode, many of the competitors in the house turned on “Big Brother 23” star Tiffany Mitchell after she got close with “Love Island’s” Cinco Holland Jr. After the episode aired, Tiffany appeared on “MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast” where she opened up about how it felt to see many of the people she thought she was close with betraying her.

Co-hosts Devyn Simone and Da’Vonne Rogers asked Tiffany how it felt to see “Survivor 41” star Shan Smith, who was her friend outside of the show, tell her co-stars that she didn’t trust Tiffany and gossip about her and Cinco. “We can call this thing a game, we can call these shows games, but we are actually our real selves, and this is real s***, this is real life,” Tiffany replied to the co-hosts. She added:

Outside of that game, we talk. We communicate. Outside of that game, I have friends, family, and a reputation. Outside of that game, I have a son who watches. So you know, when you’re supposed to be my so-called friend, you’re not supposed to throw my s*** out there for everybody else.

Maybe it’s because I’m an older woman. I don’t do that… I do understand that this is a game, but that was shady, Shan. That s*** was shady.

Devyn and Da’Vonne asked Tiffany if she knew about Shan’s comments before watching the episode and she said the “Survivor” star called her beforehand and tried to explain what happened. “She was like, ‘Oh my god Tiff, I’m so sorry,’” Tiffany said in an imitation of Shan. “‘Because listen, Alyssa [Lopez] and DX [Derek Xiao] just told me not to trust you and they told me that you were coming for me and I didn’t know and I just was really believing it and they really got in my head.’”

She added that Shan told her everyone was trying to get information from her about Tiffany but that she “wouldn’t tell them anything,” before concluding, “Girl, I watched it, that was not what happened.”

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Tiffany Also Addressed How It Felt to See Everyone Gunning for Her

The eliminated “Challenge: USA” contestant also addressed how many of her cast members came for her so strongly and said it was “the story of my life.” She told the podcast’s co-hosts, “B****es been coming for me my whole life. If other people like you, if you’re magnetic, if you’ve got a great personality, if you’re good at something, if you’re a winner, if you’re a star, if you’re pretty, if you’re attractive, if men like you, if women like you, if you get money, if you drive a nice car… All of those things are me, and so it just makes other people intimidated. It pisses them off.”

“I’m not out here flaunting my female assets, but you best believe I’m gonna use what I got to get what I want,” Tiffany continued. “I am just a fun person, we’re in this compound with nothing to do. It’s men, it’s women and that’s it. We’re having fun, it’s casual. Also I had met Cinco before we went into the house, that’s my friend… We’re just having fun and if that gets up under your skin, girl I’m gonna need you to get some thicker skin.”

Tiffany & Her Partner Cashel Were Eliminated After Being Blindsided & Thrown Into Elimination

The second episode featured the algorithm announcing all the new teams followed by a challenge combining heights over water and a Scrabble-type of game. The last place team was James Wallington and Cayla Platt, who failed to get a single word on the board after James got winded from his fall into the water.

It seemed as though the winning team of Tyson Apostol and Justine Ndiba were leaning toward throwing in Enzo Palumbo and Alyssa Lopez but in a shock twist at the arena, the team decided to throw in Tiffany and Cashel Barnett instead.

The elimination required both teams to cycle on stationary bikes as hard as possible to light up an answer key and the fastest team to get all three answers won. Unfortunately for Tiffany and Cashel, “The Amazing Race” alums Cayla and James were able to pedal their way to victory quicker than them and managed to stay in the game.

“The Challenge: USA” airs on CBS on Wednesday at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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