August 8, 2022
This former "Bachelor" star tied the knot in a fun, gorgeous, and epic wedding over the weekend.

Another “Bachelor Nation” star just got married, around a month after her twin sister tied the knot. During Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor,” identical twins Haley and Emily Ferguson were part of the cast. Neither of them found love with Higgins, nor were they successful during “Bachelor in Paradise.” Instead, they both ended up marrying professional hockey players, and Emily’s wedding took place on Saturday, July 23.

Here’s what you need to know:

Emily Married William Karlsson

The bride told Us Weekly, “It’s my dream wedding because I’m marrying my dream guy.” She explained, “he’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.” Both Emily and Haley held their weddings at Resorts World Las Vegas. However, they ensured their respective nuptials were quite different from one another.

Emily noted the wedding coordinator “made sure that the weddings were all on different floors and sections of the hotel.” The vibes of each event were significantly different as well. While Haley “wanted hers to be more intimate,” Emily shared, she wanted “our wedding to be more of a party.” The decorations, food, and size of the guest lists were different too, and Emily joked she’s “definitely more extra” than her sister.

The twins served as maid and matron of honor for one another, naturally. “We have such a close and special bond that there would never be anyone else I’d rather have by my side on my wedding day,” Emily explained. Many “The Bachelor” fans thought they would plan a double wedding since they have been practically inseparable for much of their lives. However, they both knew they wanted “to be able to have our special moments since getting married is such a huge life moment.”

The Bride & Groom Orchestrated a Fabulous Party

Emily shared, “This is hands down the one thing Will and I are most excited about: Having everyone in one room.” Many members of his family flew in from Sweden for the event, and Emily knew “It’s going to be absolutely epic.” As was the case with Haley’s wedding, fellow “Bachelor” star Amanda Stanton attended the nuptials. While Lauren Bushnell Lane could attend Haley’s big day, she was unable to join Emily for hers.

The bridesmaids wore powder blue dresses, and Emily chose a traditional-style gown for the ceremony. For her reception the bride wore a Katie May dress that was actually called the “Fergie” dress, Emily noted in her Instagram stories.

The couple’s dog was involved in the big day, and the reception had no shortage of special touches. At one point, the DJ wore a Darth Vader mask, Emily shared in her Instagram stories, and there was plenty of sparkle, dancing, and even cryo guns the bride and groom used to provide the guests with an icy blast to cool them down and hype up the crowd. The bride and groom also wore Viking helmets at one point, which was surely a nod to the groom’s ties to Sweden.

Both Haley and Emily’s wedding days seemed to go perfectly, and both brides looked beyond happy as they married their new husbands. Each of the Ferguson twins chose to take their husband’s last names, and Emily noted, “Haley and I will no longer have the same last names. It’s so crazy but I’m so excited for the next chapter in our lives.”


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