Pfizer and BioNTech claim their COVID-19 vaccine is safe for kids


Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE said that their COVID-19 vaccine elicits a robust immune response in children aged five to 11 and plan to seek authorization in the United States, Europe and abroad to deploy the vaccine as soon as possible.

The company reported that in their Phase II/III clinical study the vaccine elicited the immunological response of 5-11 year-olds that corresponded to what they had previously seen in 16-25 year-olds.

They also stated that the safety profile was comparable to the older age group.

“COVID 19 cases have increased by approximately 240% in the United States since July – emphasizing the need for immunization for public health,” Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla stated in a news release on Monday.

As a result of these findings, the FDA and other regulatory agencies will be notified as soon as possible so that they can consider authorizing our vaccine for children aged five to eleven.

Top American health experts anticipate that regulators may decide if the screening is safe and effective for younger children in three weeks’ time after companies apply for authorization, two sources told Reuters earlier this month.

Due to the extremely contagious Delta strain, 19 hospitalizations and fatalities in the United States have increased in recent months.

Pediatric infections also rise, especially when youngsters under the age of 12 are not all vaccinated, although there is no suggestion that the Delta virus is more hazardous than being more transmissive for children.

In the colder months, rapid authorisation could help limit a possible increase in instances, particularly with schools already opened nationally.

In several countries, including the United States, the company vaccine, Comirnaty, is already permitted to be used in children as young as 12.

A Pfizer spokesman noted that firms could then reveal the vaccine efficacy of the experiment, but the participants did not yet have sufficient cases of COVID-19 to determine that.

In the adult clinical trial the vaccine was around 95�fective, however Pfizer reported immunion diminishes several months after the second dosage.

A third booster dosage of the vaccine is planned for elderly and high-risk Americans by the US regulators earlier this week.

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