August 18, 2022
Adrian Wojnarowski sent a surprise trade rumor tweet at two in the morning that linked Kevin Durant to trade discussions with the Boston Celtics for their young All-Star Jaylen Brown.

Just as the possibility of the Brooklyn Nets finding a trade partner for Kevin Durant were starting to slow down a tweet from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski shook those of the NBA world that were still awake with the news that the Boston Celtics have emerged as a possible landing spot for Durant. 

“ESPN Sources: As Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant’s trade request approaches its fourth week, the Boston Celtics have emerged among teams engaged in talks on a possible deal,” Wojnarowski tweeted

The news came after the growing suspicions in Brooklyn were that the team may be running it back with the same squad as last year. However, now they are linked to the team that eliminated them from the playoffs before eventually making it to the NBA Finals to lose to the Golden State Warriors. 

The Possible Nets and Celtics Deal

While Wojnarowski noted in his story that there has been little traction in the deal thus far he pointed to what makes them one of the most interesting trade partners in a deal for Kevin Durant. Previously the Nets have been hesitant to trade Durant because a fair package hasn’t been presented. 

“There are no deals believed to have traction for Durant, and no team has yet to reach the significant threshold that the Nets have set to trade one of the league’s most talented players, sources said. The Nets’ posture on a potential trade has been largely unchanged: They want a massive return that potentially includes multiple unprotected first-round picks, pick swaps, and impactful players for Durant, sources said.” Wojnarowski wrote

So what makes the Celtics the best fit in Durant discussions? Well, they have an All-Star they can attach to the deal that would make an impact in Brooklyn. They actually have two All-Stars they can attach, but one looks to be untouchable. 

“The Celtics consider All-NBA forward Jayson Tatum off limits in any trade talks, but Boston is able to construct a package for Durant that could include Brown and as many as three unprotected first-round picks (2025, 2027, and 2029) — and two pick swaps (2024 and 2026). Brown, 25, has two years and $56 million left on his current contract,” Wojnarowski continued. 

Jaylen Brown to the Nets

Jaylen Brown, as well as possibly five draft picks in a deal for Durant, who demanded a trade, is definitely one of the more intriguing offers presented this offseason. Brown could make an impact immediately with the players left on the Brooklyn roster. Perhaps that is with Ben Simmons, TJ Warren, and Nic Claxton, but that is still two stars that may be able to overachieve and surprise some teams. Then you look at the picks they add and can either flip or add valuable assets in the draft? It certainly is intriguing. 

The Celtics made it all the way to the NBA Finals this year with the core that they have. After a slow start, rumors circulated about the Celtics having to split up their two All-Star forwards, but they rode it out all the way to the finals. Durant could easily elevate the team, but he also has health concerns and concerns over liking the team enough to stay or ask out as he did in Brooklyn. Either way, Wojnarowski dropped quite the news piece as the weekend came to an end, and it’s hard not to be curious to see how it goes. 


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