Netflix is launching Kenya’s first-of-kind, free Android mobile plan


Netflix is releasing a new free Android mobile plan in Kenya, enabling customers to watch a restricted selection of its collection featuring selected episodes throughout the season.

Netflix announced that the new Android mobile ad-free Netflix plan will allow users to log in without having to enter payment information at the beginning of this week (although they will have to verify that they are 18 years old and will still have to provide an email address in order to create the connection).

Netflix expects users to pay for a subscription

A Netflix spokesman confirmed to The Verge that the streamer was offering a free tier the first time. About a fifth of his library will be featured in the free schedule, and consumers can watch whole seasons of episodes on this level. Netflix said it expects that consumers who love using the service will eventually switch to a paid membership that also supports TV and laptop viewing.

Netflix had previously been trying to get new customers to free-to-stream programming. It previously made some of its content public, for example on YouTube, and following its free trial period in the USA, the firm experimented with a free-to-watch platform with a modest selection of films. HBO Max, which likewise canceled its free trial before the 1984 daily release of the Wonder Woman program, has also experimented with supplying its member numbers with limited episodes for free.

Netflix’s free Android user plan in Kenya has been introduced on Monday and is likely to continue in the next few weeks.

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