Knockout Home Fitness is a Simple Switch Exercise Game in 2022


If the Switch accomplished anything, it was to continue the history of being the system recognized for fitness games for those looking for an alternative kind of exercise. Due to its use of motion controls and ease of access, it is an ideal title for getting people active. Which is precisely what Knockout Home Fitness accomplishes. It is not revolutionary in any way. However, for those looking for an additional option to get moving with quick workouts each day, this will suffice.

Knockout Home Fitness takes a straightforward approach. When you first log into the app, you’re presented with its three primary areas. To begin, there is the Personal Training section. This requires you to complete one challenge per day. This is a compilation of approximately 10-15 minute workouts that may include an optional stretching phase, followed by a warm-up and challenge. Each of these displays icons depicting the types of actions you will be performing, the song that will be played, and a brief explanation from the chosen trainer about what you will be doing and how it will benefit you. These parts constantly inform you precisely of what to anticipate. Additionally, you can determine which areas are addressed, resulting in a more personalized workout.

Knockout Home Fitness

Always in the center is the 3-Minute Fitness segment. To be honest, it’s a little deceiving. While a three-minute session is possible, it might also be closer to five minutes. These allow for a greater degree of customisation, since you can specify exactly what you will accomplish and for how long you will participate. Again, it is not too demanding, all of the information necessary to demonstrate what you will be doing is available, and you have a good deal of control over how the workout will proceed. You may view the Focus Areas, the various actions, the music, the time required to finish the course, and the predicted number of calories burned. There are a total of 60 different courses offered here.

Once you’re in a session, it’s quite similar to participating in an actual fitness class. Not only do you have your selected trainer (four are available), but two extra, unassuming individuals will join them for the session. All actions occur in lockstep with the rhythm of a music. Each music is appropriately dance-y and energizing. None of them are particularly distracting, but there are also no well-known tracks. At the bottom of the screen, distinct indicators indicate the type of movement you’re about to do and which arm will be participating. Along with the trainer’s running commentary, lettering displays at the top of the screen labeling each motion.

Knockout Home Fitness

As you might expect from a Switch exercise game that relies solely on Joy-Con tracking, there are certain to be some mistakes. I observed Knockout Home Fitness did an excellent job at detecting my arm movements as I blocked or punched. However, there is no actual method to judge whether your other movements are flawless. Naturally, this also means that someone may “game” the system by performing solely upper body workouts rather than full-body workouts.

Additionally, the game has some generic tracking functions. You can go to the calendar to determine the number of days you exercised. You may view your workout time, calories burned, and total number of actions for each one you complete. When you begin playing, you also enter your height and weight—data that can be password secured. Additionally, a graph can be displayed that illustrates your weekly, monthly, three-month, annual, and three-year progress in terms of calories burned, total actions, BMI, and weight. The disadvantage is that, once again, these may not be entirely accurate. While the actions will be “correct,” and possibly the calories burned as well, I assume the input techniques will result in inaccurate results.

Knockout Home Fitness

By and large, Knockout Home Fitness is a convenient exercise game for the Nintendo Switch that fills a void. It is not as intensive or as extensive as, say, Ring Fit Adventure. Rather than that, it invites someone to participate in daily activity for a few minutes. It’s not excessively difficult or demanding. The virtual trainers are succinct and easy to follow. It’s generally upbeat, which some individuals may appreciate if they’re looking for something to check in with fast each day.

The Nintendo Switch version of Knockout Home Fitness is now available.

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