August 8, 2022
Kathy Hilton asks for help after sharing her phone number on social media.

Kathy Hilton made a big mistake on Saturday, July 23, 2022. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star accidentally shared her phone number publicly on Twitter.

Hilton sent a message to a company called Tea Cup Tails in an effort to inquire about a dog named Mila pictured on their website.

A quick visit to the Tea Cup Tails site shows that Mila is a 4-pound white applehead chihuahua.

“Mila is truly a sweetheart companion. She loves taking trips in a purse or in a bosom and loves the attention, petting and compliments she gets from everyone that meets her. She is very intelligent, curious, life-loving little girl,” reads a description of the pup.

“Please call me about Mila at…” Hilton tweeted, adding her full phone number. It appears she thought she was sending the company a private message, but instead, she shared her number with all of the internet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Wasn’t Sure How to Delete the Tweet

Shortly after sharing her phone number on Twitter, Hilton knew that she had to delete it — but she wasn’t sure how to do that.

“OMG KATHY NOOO,” the host of the “Talk Factory” podcast tweeted to Hilton.

“How do I delete?” Hilton asked. She received a number of messages — publicly and privately — with step-by-step instructions on how to delete her tweet.

“Oh what do I do???” she responded in another tweet.

“Thank you,” Hilton wrote after successfully deleting her original tweet.

Someone took a screenshot of the tweet — but blocked out Hilton’s phone number — and shared it on Reddit where fans reacted to Hilton’s big oops.

“She’s been doing this stuff on social media for years. People are multi faceted and smart in some ways, dumb in other ways,” one comment read.

“Of course she is trying to buy a puppy off of a random website,” someone else wrote.

“She just wanted to change her number surely,” a third Redditor suggested.

“I’ll never understand how people can create a twitter account, work out how to tweet, yet can’t use those same skills to figure out how to delete,” another commenter added.

Hilton Isn’t the First Housewife to Share Information by Mistake on Social Media

In 2021, “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer had a similar experience in 2021. Singer accidentally revealed her bank account statement on social media at the time, according to Page Six.

The bank information showed a balance of some $367,000 as of February 22, 2021. She made a check withdrawal of almost $17,000 and had a number of deposits, including $7,500 from BEN Group Inc., the outlet reported.

Believe it or not, Singer wasn’t a one-time social media overshare offender. In May 2022, Singer shared a video of Teresa Giudice’s wedding invitation on Instagram. Problem being, she shared some private information in doing so, including the wedding date, venue, and the wedding website complete with a password.

Giudice and her fiance Luis Ruelas had to send out new invitations — and they changed their wedding website password, according to Bravo.

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