August 8, 2022
Jared Haibon wore his heart on his sleeve recently as he shared an intense experience with "Bachelor Nation" fans.

“Bachelor in Paradise” stars Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti welcomed their first child, Dawson Dimitri Brady on January 31, and it’s been a whirlwind for the family since then. In a recent series of Instagram stories, Haibon opened up about an intensely emotional experience he had with his son that will surely pull at the heartstrings of many “Bachelor Nation” fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Haibon Shared A Memorable Connection With Fans

In the string of Instagram stories Haibon shared on July 6, Dawson could be seen in his baby swing. The television was playing the movie “Toy Story,” and this was what had the “Bachelor in Paradise” star feeling nostalgic and emotional. He added text to the video that read, “Hitting the heart strings this morning.” He went on to admit he was “having a little bit of an emotional crisis” over what was happening at that moment.

Haibon explained he put the movie on to keep Dawson entertained while he worked on breaking down boxes in the garage to clean it up a bit. He paused before adding, “It’s emotionally overwhelming because I remember when I was a kid watching ‘Toy Story.’” He detailed how, to him, it was a “monumental movie” from his childhood, and “now here I am putting it on for my son to watch while his dad is getting things done around the house.”

The Powerful Moment Had Haibon Visibly Emotional

Haibon added it was “a lot” to take in at that moment, and he paused as he processed his emotions. He clarified that while this experience felt like it was a lot, it was “in the best way possible.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star wrapped up that tender moment by adding, “Wow. My heart’s very heavy right now.” Despite some of Haibon’s wording making it sound as if he was upset or distressed, it seemed he was simply a little flustered by having such a simple experience at home with his son spark intense, unexpected emotions.

As he talked through the experience, Haibon also added text revealing, “My heart grew three sizes this day,” signaling that this moment was one he likely would never forget. Haibon then posted a photo showing Dawson in his car seat, on the floor, with the family’s dog next to him. “My Children,” he captioned that one, before moving on to share other things.

This reflective moment was a powerful one during a time that has been exceedingly busy for the family. Not only is Haibon spending a lot of hours at the coffee shop the couple opened, but they anticipate moving soon. They previously explained that Haibon puts in so many hours at the coffee shop, that the fact they lived more than 30 minutes away had taken a toll on them all. They have been searching for a place closer to the shop, and recently were quite excited about a condo they had viewed. The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars have come a long way since their first moments on the beach together seven years ago, and Haibon’s tender, vulnerable moment likely had many fans swooning.

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