Google Pixel 6 camera and security leaks

Google Pixel 6

It appears as though shops and Google are competing to see who can leak the most information about the company’s two next flagship phones, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. For those of us who prefer our Android operating systems as unadorned as possible, Google’s Pixel brand of smartphones has usually been the flagship of the Android fleet. Google appears to have learned its lesson following a relatively dismal Pixel 5, which left the company with a slew of mid-range phones but no true flagship. With Apple’s uncharacteristic disclosure of its own handset just weeks before debut, all eyes are on the duo of impending phones.

As October 19 approaches, the rate at which material is being pushed to the public has not decreased significantly. Carphone Warehouse’s sales pages for the two phones went live over the weekend in the United Kingdom. Naturally, the retailer quickly pulled the pages, but not before an eagle-eyed leak hunter got several screen pictures. Additionally, Google has begun advertising the yet-to-be-shipped pocket computers across a range of media, probably in the hope that any doubters will pause long enough before purchasing Apple’s newly introduced iPhone 13 series. Google is stressing some of the benefits it has over its Cupertino-conceived cousin in its advertising and marketing initiatives, which began in August. It is also sketching out the competition landscape.

As you might imagine, considering that this is where a significant portion of the smartphone conflict has switched its bellicose behavior, the leaked pages place a premium on camera quality.

The Google Pixel 6 maintains the Android trend of incorporating computer vision and artificial intelligence into the photography process, but also adds some top-of-the-line hardware. According to reports, the Pixel 6 will feature a 50 megapixel wide-angle camera and a 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. The Pixel 6 Pro has three cameras, two of which are identical to those of the Pixel 6 and one of which is a 48-megapixel telephoto lens.

The other major attraction is the much-discussed Tensor chip, which makes its first appearance in the new phones.

Additionally, the marketing materials give information on Google’s battery technology claims. Adaptive battery performance enables the phones’ batteries to charge from zero to fifty percent in less than a half hour, and the operating system includes a slew of smarts to further extend battery life on days when you wander too far from a power outlet. Additionally, the business touts high-speed wireless charging for those moments when you’re hanging by a thread.

With its primary competitors emphasizing security, Google joins the race, claiming “more layers of hardware security than any other phone,” reminding customers that they are introducing the Titan M2 security chip, and promising “five years of updates” to ensure the phone “gets more secure over time.” Although it’s unclear whether this relates to firmware updates or OS updates, it’s heartening to see Android stand by its phones as they age into obscurity.

As the launch date draws closer, we anticipate to learn more about the phones. Preorders will begin the next week, on October 19.

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