Garena Free Fire tips: How to improve your game of close-range battle

free fire

As is the case with every other battle royale game, Free Fire is known for intense close-range action. Close range combat is a necessary component of many gamers’ aspirations to become the last man standing by surviving close range engagements.

Although close-range combat is exciting and may result in some of the most memorable moments in a battle royale game, players are constantly at risk of being eliminated during these encounters. While players cannot simply skip steps to victory, they may absolutely avoid making key errors that could offer them an advantage over their opponents in Free Fire.

Close-range fighting in Free Fire: five common blunders to prevent

Constantly relocating

Players frequently make the error of remaining still and shooting at their adversaries. While this improves their accuracy, it also exposes them to hostile fire.

Players should always utilize the joystick to move back and forth in Free Fire to confuse the enemy.

Stay out of the public eye

Players who roam freely in the open are particularly exposed to attack from all directions. Close-range combat should always be undertaken with the assistance of a cover or gloo wall.

Obtaining cover is critical since it shields the player from opponent attacks and provides a tactical advantage.

A sniper rifle is used in this instance.

Due to the fact that sniper rifles reload after each shot, they are ideal for long-range combat. As a result, they will not be effective in close-range fighting in Free Fire. By the time gamers aim and fire, the enemy would have already fired countless shots.

SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns are the best weapons for close combat.

Without the use of utility weapons, evading capture

Making an escape and turning your back on your adversary is a common error made by novice players. Their fragility makes them obvious targets for enemy gunfire, ensuring a swift demise.

Players should constantly employ utility items such as smoke grenades to create distraction and facilitate their escape during difficult situations.

Avoid hasty decisions when your health is compromised.

Due to the fact that the player can lose a substantial amount of health when battling foes close to him in Free Fire, close combat can be lethal. They must always regain health prior to engaging in close-range combat to maximize their chances of survival.

Players should always replenish their health supplies periodically after being struck by enemy fire.

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