Everything you need to know about the Mac Mini 2021

Mac Mini 2021

Apple’s dinky desktop PC line, the Mac Mini, will have a new CPU, the Apple M1X, in its next generation in 2021.

Apple chose to focus on the iPhone 13, iPad Mini 6, and Apple Watch Series 7 during its recent September 2021 event instead of announcing a new Mac Mini. An event dedicated just to the Mac line is expected to be held in October or November by Apple instead.

The new M1X processor, which is rumored to be the same technology found in the future MacBook Pro 2021, is the most interesting improvement for the Mac Mini. A large number of GPU cores would allow it to do high-end creative work, making it the most powerful Mac Mini yet.

According to well-known Apple leaker Jon Prosser (via Mac Rumours), the Mac Mini 2021 will have a flatter shape but will keep the same number of port options as current models.

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Date of release

The MacBook Pro 2021 and Mac Mini 2021 are also slated to debut in November.

Instead of holding a second event focused just on the Mac line in October or November, reports claim Apple will instead hold an absence during the September Apple Event.

The new Mac Mini will be available in stores by the end of the year, even if we have to wait another two months or so.


A more powerful version of the present Mac Mini M1 is expected, not a replacement for the current Mac Mini.

This implies that it will cost more than the current starting price of £699. It’s possible that the next Mac Mini will be more expensive than the current £1099 model.


M1X, a far more powerful chip than the present Mac Mini’s M1, is expected to be included in the next Mac Mini.

This could be because of a rumor from Bloomberg that the next Mac Mini will use the same processor as MacBook Pro models in the future. That means the Mac Mini might have up to 32 graphics cores, 8 high-performance cores, and 2 energy-efficient cores. See how the M1 stacks up against the competition in the table below.

Mac Mini specs

Because these are only rumors, we have no way of knowing if the information provided here is accurate. If this is the case, then the Mac Mini may be capable of doing more difficult tasks like video editing and 3D modeling.


However, he claims that even though the Mac Mini 2021 will have a flatter look, it will have the same number of ports (4 Thunderbolt, 2 USB-A, Ethernet and HDMI) as its predecessor. This information comes from reliable source Jon Prosser.

According to Jon Prosser’s source, Ian Zelbo has prepared a concept artwork depicting the next Mac Mini. Take a look at it after the break.

Mac Mini design

However, Jon Prosser has recently offered inaccurate information about Apple, so for the time being, take his statements with a grain of salt. It’s entirely feasible that Apple may stick with the current design for the 2021 model year.

So far, this is all we know about the Mac Mini 2021. Stay tuned for more information. Keep an eye on Trusted Reviews for the latest Apple news and updates, and bookmark this page for future reference.

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