Everything you need to know about Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021

Using Office 365, Microsoft changed its productivity software strategy. Office 2010 was no longer the primary product. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, for example, would suddenly be offered as part of a subscription service. Previously, Office apps only received one major upgrade every few years.

Only five years after its debut, Office 365 has surpassed AWS as the most widely used enterprise cloud service. However, Microsoft 365, the new name for the program, continues to provide many users with the same fundamental services they’ve grown to expect. Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams are all included in this category of applications.

A standalone version of every powerful Office app is still released by Microsoft every few years despite its success. These are simply referred to as ‘Office,’ followed by the year of release, with a Windows 11 edition published in 2021. Listed here is all of the pertinent information.

Date of release of Microsoft Office 2021

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, said that Office 2021 would be made available to consumers and small businesses ‘later this year’ in an official blog post dated February of that year. Following a post from September 2021, it was revealed that the product would be available on September 16th for business customers and on October 5th for consumers.

Seeing as how Windows 11’s consumer edition will be released on the same day is not surprising. Microsoft Office 2021 will be optimized for Windows 10, even if a macOS version is also available. The release date is similar to that of previous standalone versions of Office from 2019 and 2016, both of which were released in September.

The pricing of Microsoft Office 2021

Spataro announced the price of Office 2021 would remain the same at the time of its release in February 2021, in the same blog post as the one above. Exactly the same as Office 2019, it costs the same.

  • 19.99 GBP/149.99 USD Office Home & Student in 2021
  • Office Home & Business 2021 – £249.99

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are all included in these packages, which may be installed on one PC or Mac. A 60-day Microsoft support period is also included with your purchase of the item.

New features in Microsoft Office 2021

While Microsoft announced that Office 2021 was on the way, a few additional features were revealed.

Office Insider published a blog post about Word’s dark mode in February 2021 and it has been available ever since. Even while members of Microsoft 365 always had access to dark mode, this will be the first time we see it on a standalone version. Text and other components on the page will darken as well, making this a darker version of the original mode that was pushed out earlier. On top of the document, a new View menu item will be available called ‘Switch Modes.”

New improvements coming to the commercial-focused LTSC edition offer us a sense of what else will be in Office 2021. Accessibility enhancements, performance improvements in numerous programs, and advanced Excel features like Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP are also part of this release.

Microsoft says it will ‘release additional details regarding new features contained in Office 2021 closer to general availability.’ After learning more, we’ll be sure to update this post.

What distinguishes Microsoft Office 2021 from Microsoft 365?

The biggest distinction is in how you pay for them. They’re both different in that. If you buy Office 2021, you own it forever (although Microsoft usually only supports each version for five years). You’ll have to pay a yearly subscription price to get access to Microsoft 365, which starts at £59.99 (about US$69.99).

There are no recurring fees. Apart from the standard Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote programs, Microsoft 365 now gives you access to Skype and 1TB of OneDrive storage with Office 2021. There are additional online versions of similar services available through Microsoft Teams subscriptions.

Subscriptions to Microsoft 365 are also attractive because of the regular software updates. Microsoft says this happens at least once a month, though no official schedule exists. When compared to the standalone version, this is more likely to incorporate additional features. Following the initial release, Office 2021 will continue to be updated with security fixes alone.

Find out which version of Microsoft 365 is right for you with our purchase guide.

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