August 8, 2022
"Dancing With the Stars" professional dancer Lindsay Arnold recently opened up about feeling misunderstood on social media. 

“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Lindsay Arnold recently opened up about feeling misunderstood on social media.

During a question and answer session where fans asked questions anonymously, one person asked Arnold what she felt was most “misunderstood” about her, and her answer was centered around social media.

Read on to learn what Arnold had to say.

Arnold Feels Fans Misunderstand Her Social Media Presence

Arnold said that she thinks fans sometimes misunderstand her presence on social media.

“I feel like people assume that because I share my life on social media and have this following must mean that I love attention and want this ‘famous’ life as some would say,” she wrote. “But I don’t. That might sound weird but like I love what I do and I’m soo grateful for the opportunities it has brought to my life.”

She continued, “But the driving/motivating force of it all isn’t to be famous and get attention which I think a lot of people assume celebrities or influencers do it for that alone. Maybe some do and there is nothing wrong with that!”

The star went on to explain her motivations.

“But for me I love that I can create a living for my family by doing things I enjoy and showcasing my creativity and business ventures through a really fun outlet,” she concluded.

Arnold Also Revealed a Personal Story

Arnold also took the time to tell a personal story during the question and answer session. One fan asked her when she first got her period.

“I was actually at a ballroom competition and started my period for the first time and a pad would not work with my costume so I had to put in a tampon and I specifically remember clenching my legs together so tightly while dancing cause I was so worried it was gonna fall out,” she wrote.

The dancer added, “I def looked ridiculous and I’m fairly certain we did not win that one.”

Arnold May Try for Baby Number 2

Arnold has one daughter, Sage, who was born in 2020. Since then, some fans have been wondering if Arnold will be having any more children in the future.

“SO many questions about baby number 2 and the answer is yes we most definitely want to have more kids,” she wrote as a reply. “Not sure when that will happen but we definitely want more. Sagey needs buddies.”

Arnold spoke in the Instagram Stories about what her recovery from her C-Section was like.

“C section recovery for me was better than expected but mostly cause I was expecting the absolute worst,” Arnold wrote. “I feel like there is such a bad stigma around c sections and while I don’t have anything to compare it to for me it was ok. Of course it’s rough as I’m sure vaginal birth recovery is too and I think the hardest thing for me was how hard it was getting in and out of bed those first couple weeks.”

She added, “I feel like the month after birth is a blur for me so I don’t remember exact timelines but I do remember starting to go for walks around 3 weeks after birth and then I remember feeling good at my 6-week checkup.”

“Dancing With the Stars” season 31 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Monday, September 19, 2022.

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