August 17, 2022
'It was never my intention to enable one of the most horrifying acts here on Earth,' Donnalyn says

MANILA, Philippines – Internet personality, singer, and actress Donnalyn Bartolome apologized on Sunday, July 10, over photos she shared on her social media accounts depicting herself as a “sexy” infant.

Shots included Donnalyn in diapers, wearing a bib as her only top, and Donnalyn in a onesie while sucking suggestively from a milk bottle.

“It was never my intention to enable one of the most horrifying acts here on Earth,” she wrote in a statement.

The apology comes after netizens accused Donnalyn of “feeding the fantasies of pedophiles.”

“What’s even more fucked up is not one single person in that photo shoot [found] the concept relatively fucked on paper,” one netizen alleged.

“Stop sexualizing toddlers,” another pleaded.

Donnalyn added that she has had the original set of photos taken down, and encouraged others to alert her of other links featuring reposts of these photos.

“I feel terrible, sick to my stomach, and had disturbing flashbacks I’d rather not say,” she went on. “Thank you to everyone who let me know, especially those who did it kindly; you’re the type of people who help me become a better person every day, as I hold the responsibility of influencing millions.”

As of writing, Donnalyn’s Twitter account has 2.1 million followers, her Facebook account has 15 million followers, and her YouTube channel has 9.2 million subscribers.

Donnalyn is known for her viral videos where she takes on silly dares, as well as her pop songs such as “Kakaibabe” and “O.M.O.” –

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