COVID vaccination booster dose may be used more widely, according to global experts

Today, two former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials and an international group of vaccine specialists signed an open letter urging caution on the use of COVID-19 boosters that they claim lacks scientific evidence of its benefits.

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Protection against severe sickness does not deteriorate

The researchers, who also include WHO experts, relied on a systematic assessment of randomized clinical trials and observational studies in their conclusions. Today scientists in The Lancet published their findings in a Viewpoint article.

Following this week’s advisory meeting, where FDA advisors will discuss Pfizer-request BioNTech’s for a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, WHO officials have advocated for a delay in vaccine booster doses until the end of the year to enable additional vaccination of people in low- and middle-income countries.

Researchers from the current study concluded that vaccine effectiveness was strong against all types of serious disease, with efficacy ranging from 80% to 95%.

Even in fully vaccinated populations, unvaccinated individuals are the main carriers of the disease and at the most risk for more severe cases.

The analysis revealed that jointly, the studies couldn’t find solid evidence of falling protection against serious sickness, according to the fundamental purpose of vaccination.

In the event that one can ultimately benefit from an increase in the target population, she said, the initial value of providing targeted immunity outweighs the gain from promoting the targeted population. Using vaccines where they would be most effective in suppressing future evolution of disease varieties will ultimately lead to the eradication of the pandemic.

One study found that Israel booster COVID vaccination has high benefit. Researchers claim early data reveal a risk reduction of eleven-hundred-twenty-four-fold (11,244 times) for the infection of confirmed cases and more than one-thousand-one-hundred-and-twenty-six (1,126,126 times) for the chance of hospitalization in the aftermath of receiving a booster dosage. Officials of the Israeli government completed a successful round of booster vaccinations on August 1, reaching over 2 million individuals by the end of the month.

In order for the Lancet study results to be substantiated, more long-term Israeli booster-dose data are needed. This week’s study, which will include more extensive data, is expected to be published.

News from across the world

  • Reuters reports that in the Chinese city of Putian, which is home to nearly two million people, an epidemic has necessitated a full quarantine and other COVID restrictions. Over the past several days, the country reported 42 cases of the illness in the province.
  • South Korea has decided to loosen its COVID-19 guidelines so that more persons with lesser diseases may recover at home.
  • Australia reported a new record of over 2,000 cases per day on September 11, after Queensland officials discussed the option of circuit-breaker lockdown following the detection of many cases in Brisbane that were discovered to be part of a family cluster.
  • With 225 million cases worldwide and 4,635,805 deaths due to infections, the Johns Hopkins web dashboard has recorded 4,635,805 deaths due to infections as of today.

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