Covid passports are now required for all workers in Italy

Covid passports

The government of Italy has mandated that every employee in the country have a Covid certificate as more countries begin to take stricter efforts to raise immunization rates.

The government announced on Thursday that from mid-October, workers who do not have valid certificates will be suspended and will not receive pay for five days.

A report details whether a person has recently recovered from the virus, or whether they were vaccinated or tested negative for Covid. The initial motivation for the ERIC system’s creation was to help Europeans traveling between nations. The ERIC system gained immediate traction with the introduction of Italy’s requirement that its citizens have ERIC cards in order to attend locations such as museums and gyms.

73.8% of Italians are fully vaccinated against the virus, according to the European Centre for Disease and Control (ECDC).”

To avoid a repeat of the outbreak, officials hope to avoid another spike in cases throughout the winter.

Roberto Speranza, Italy’s health minister, told journalists on Thursday that the green pass “will extend its obligation to the entire world of work, public and private, and that it is done for two important reasons: to make the places where we work safer and to increase the strength of our vaccination campaign,” euronews reports.

In recent months, Italians have taken to the streets to protest the introduction of the green card. The decision to avoid more lockdowns has so far been supported by trade unions and political parties, although these have already taken a big toll on several sectors.

France had also suspended 3,000 public health employees for failing to be vaccinated against the virus Covid-19.

Unvaccinated medical workers in France are forbidden from working

French officials put the percentage of unvaccinated hospital employees and private-practice doctors at 12% and 6%, respectively, in their report France24 said. At the start of this summer, the government required health-care workers to get vaccinated by September 15.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, stated in a radio broadcast that the suspensions were only temporary, and that healthcare would be guaranteed. He stated on RTL that “caregivers who responsibly immunized themselves and their patients” were vaccinated.

In addition, some European countries have adopted a similar approach: In Greece, nurses’ and healthcare professionals’ vaccination has been made compulsory, while Italy has issued a warning to unvaccinated personnel, stating that they may be suspended without pay.

Fully 80.7% of the population in France has had the polio vaccination, which includes vaccination against the coronavirus. Across the EU, the average is 71.5 percent.

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