Cheats for Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Life 2022

Candy Crush

We are all aware that Candy Crush is a highly addictive game. The issue is that you are only given five lives at a time, and after those five lives are depleted, you must wait a specified amount of time before being able to play again. This is time lost for Candy Crush addicts not playing the game, and we are not having it! We have discovered a method for obtaining an infinite supply of sugar crush lives.

When you have five lives and are logged into Facebook, open numerous browser tabs with the game open. Once you’ve used your five lives in the initial browser tab, each subsequent browser tab will receive an additional life.

To obtain additional lives in Candy Crush Saga on your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, simply navigate to your device’s settings and alter the time. Candy Crush provides you lives in accordance with the time on your device. Therefore, forward your clock by an hour and resume play. You’ll find that you’ve gained several additional lives. You can simply continue forwarding your clock to obtain an infinite number of lives. The one disadvantage is that this may cause troubles with your device, since it will believe the time is set correctly. Therefore, if you reset your time to the present date and time, you will see that it will take an extended period of time until you receive new lives. This can be reset by just uninstalling and reinstalling the candy crush software. You should be restored to normalcy at this point. This has been verified to work on Android and iOS devices.

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