Cebu City contestant crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Beatrice Luigi Gomez, a proud lesbian from Cebu City, was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 at the Hennan Resort Alona Beach conference center in Panglao, Bohol, on Thursday night.

Miss Universe Philippines Tourism and Miss Universe Philippines Charity were awarded to Katrina Dimaranan of Taguig City and Victoria Vincent of Cavite, respectively, as part of the pageant’s festivities.

Ms. Luxxe Immunplus Game Changer was awarded to Gomez, who also received the Miss Cream Silk title. She was also recognized the best in swimwear and evening gown during the awards show.

Defending the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community is an important part of Gomez’s advocacy.

However, according to a social media post from the organization, the two new titles do not come with worldwide pageants.

Tourism marketing and charitable participation are two of [MUPH’s] core values. Through the efforts of individual queens, we may make progress in our mission.

There are two things that [MUPH] support: tourist marketing and engagement in charitable causes. We can advance our cause if each queen focuses on these specific issues, according to the message.

Both Maureen Christa Wroblewitz and Steffi Rose Aberasturi, both from Cebu Province, were named first and second runners-up.

Miss Universe Philippines 2021

When Rabiya Mateo was crowned Miss Universe last year, she gave over her crown to Gomez, who made it to Miss Universe’s semifinal stage an unprecedented 11 times.

Gomez will compete for the country’s fifth Miss Universe Philippines 2021 crown in the 70th Miss Universe pageant in Israel in December. She will aim to build on the Philippines’ strong showing at the global competition.

The search for the country’s next Miss Universe was kicked off in July when the country’s top 100 finalists were chosen. There were 75 players left on the roster after a series of simulated tournaments.

There were a total of 50 delegates in the running for the pageant, and the organization narrowed it down to 30 finalists.

Only 28 people remained in the final group after two had to withdraw due to illness.

In preparation for the crowning on September 25, the final 28 travelled to Pampanga to the MUPH bubble for preparatory contests and other events. However, the organization was unable to hold the final competition as scheduled because of pandemic limitations.

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) granted MUPH permission to host the coronation night in Bohol on Covid-19. ZACARIANGAVIN SARAO

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