Carlo Biado is the winner of the US Open Pool Championship

Carlo Biado

After winning the U.S. Open Pool Championship at Harrah’s, Atlantic City, New Jersey Saturday 13–8, Carlo Biado won one of the major world pool titles (Sunday, Sept. 19, Philippine time).

Biado was 8-3 in the final and refused to buckle and returned with a rousing return with the next ten racks for the Barry Behrman Trophy, a green jacket, and a top 50,000 dollars (P2.5 million).

Usually quiet and collected, when the 9-ball shot hung into the corner of the 21st rack, Biado jumped over the bathroom, exciting the audience that continually chanted his name.

Biado certainly felt emotionally like the former Golf Caddy, who became a 9-ball World Champion, World Game winner and Southeast Asian Gold Medalist and celebrated with his wife who looked out from the booths.

“I am extremely thrilled as one of my ambitions is to win this tournament,” stated Biado.

The 37-year-old Nueva Ecija born in the town of Muntinlupa now has the US Open added to his collection and is one of the major trophies in the pool.

He was only the second Philippine to win the US Open and joined Efren “Bata” Reyes in 1994. Another Philippine, Alex Pagulayan, represented Canada as the Supreme in 2005.

Carlo Biado

The Spaniard David Alcahide brokers 11–5 start on American Steve Fleming (9-2), Canadian Vincent Beaurivage (9-3) and Finnish Mika Immonen after his unassailable three-win (11-3).

Riding on the loser’s side, Biado’s steep nerve to finish the 16th round was dominated by Daniel Schneider (11-3), Philippine colleague Jeff de Luna (11-6), and Scottish Jayson Shaw (11-8) in the knockout stage.

His former loss to Alcahide was sacked and a thrilling 11-10 win before he defeated another countryman with Naoyuki Oi in a similar hill-hill scoring.

Following a 4-0 leadership deficit, Biado was dead in the water, producing eight straight racks. But Biado captured his race and captured six of the following seven, 10-9.

The two Asian cue artist waged a security struggle on rack No. 20 until Oi scratched the cue ball after trying to shoot a long bank on red ball 3 to allow Biado to empty the rack and finally to secure a place.

Carlo Biado faced Yapp, who stopped an all-Philippines fight to bring 11-6 triumph over Dennis Orcollo before that day, after wiping out 3-0 and 5-2 deficits.

Biado saw the Singaporean player again in recent SEAG editions responding to the triumph by winning 6 straight frames for 8 to 3 edges.

As if he’d been in a cruise control, Yapp was ready to do 9-3, but clipped the 9-ball corner pocket that opened Biado’s door to a lively fight.

Before drawing, Biado won the following two racks and captured the 15th frame with a number of tough shots eight-all. After turning the blue 2-ball into a Rack No 17, the scratch allowed Biado to make a further break and recovered the lead with a 9-8 run.

Three breaks and runs put Biado on the hill between 12 and 8 and might have shut it out early in the 21st track if he missed a 1-9 car in the corner pocket, surprising the crowd.

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