August 17, 2022
Ben Simmons has had his name swirling around in trade rumors since the season ended and now have a major update around the All-Stars future in Brooklyn.

When the playoffs ended for the Brooklyn Nets, and they were eliminated in the first round by the Boston Celtics, the player that was expected to be traded was Ben Simmons. However, now it’s the Nets two stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, that aren’t expected to be back in Brooklyn after Durant requested a trade just before the free agency window opened. 

Prior to Durant’s trade request following Irving opting in for his final year of his Nets contract the expectation was for Brooklyn to run it back and see how their big three of Irving, Durant, and Simmons would play out. While there is still the possibility that the Nets don’t trade Durant or Irving, their current big three playing together still feels unlikely. Durant has been rumored in deals with the Toronto RaptorsMiami Heat, and more. Then Irving remains linked to the Los Angeles Lakers in trade discussions. 

However, despite rumors swirling around the two Brooklyn stars, their third star, Ben Simmons may be settling into his spot in the Nets franchise more and more as the weeks go on. He has had viral moments in the Brooklyn community and could find himself a home there following recent reports on his trade status. 

Ben Simmons ‘Unlikely’ to be Traded

Due to Ben Simmons being signed to a designated rookie max extension, it limits some of the options that Brooklyn has in a Durant deal. In some of the trades, like the Heat for example, with Bam Adebayo, if Durant was dealt to a player also signed to a designated rookie max extension that Simmons would have to be part of the deal to keep league rules. 

In a June 7 report from Brian Lewis of The New York Post, Lewis reported that a Simmons trade may be off the table now. 

“When asked if Simmons had gotten assurances he was in the Nets’ long-term plans and would not be traded, a source close to the young All-Star told The Post simply that ‘Ben is good,” Lewis reported

Lewis cites another league source in addition to the source close to simmons. 

“While he did have surgery and is on schedule to be ready for training camp, according to a source, one league source said there was no chatter about the Nets actively shopping Simmons, while two said there was little market for him,” he continues. 

Latest with Irving and Durant

While the Durant trade hasn’t had much traction behind it yet, a possible Irving deal got more updates on July 7 in a report from Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus about a third team possibly joining the mix. 

“The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have held preliminary discussions on a Kyrie Irving trade, and sources indicate the teams are exploring the potential of pulling the San Antonio Spurs into a multi-team deal,” Pincus reported

While the third team being pulled into the deal is primarily for salary concerns, it also has the Nets landing Spurs big man Jakob Poeltl in a three-team transaction. If a deal gets done can’t be seen yet, but expect talks to accelerate around this week’s Summer League. 

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