Apple’s most professional smartphone yet may include a rumored iPhone 14 feature

iPhone 14

Think about it – the iPhone 13 hasn’t even been out for two weeks, are we at Creative Bloq seriously discussing the iPhone 14? Whether you believe it or not, there are already rumors circulating about the next iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 has been the subject of numerous rumors in recent weeks, ranging from a notch-free display to a total redesign. Today, we learned of yet another improvement to the 14th-generation iPhone. One report claims that the upcoming model may include support for up to 2TB of storage (just think of all the versions of Angry Birds you could download with that amount of space.) Instead of waiting for the release of the 14-inch model, have a look at our top Apple bargains.

Yes, according to GSM Arena, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone Pro model could provide the world’s first 2TB iPhone (the current highest is 1TB). According to reports, the extra space on the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models could be used to house a better camera. After all, shooting 4K video requires at least 256GB of storage.

There are rumors that the iPhone 14 could bring back Touch ID fingerprint scanning, as well as images showing a second screen on the back of the iPhone, which sounds really intriguing (if a little outlandish). Ideally, an iPhone redesign along these lines would be unveiled soon. However, given how rarely Apple changes the design of their devices (we’re looking at you, identically curved-edged iPhone 6-11 versions), we won’t hold our breath.

iPhone 14

Redditors have expressed their thoughts on the rumors, and the responses have been divided. According to one user, the iPhone may be the “greatest iPhone ever,” while another called it the “most pro iPhone.” A few Redditor responded to the 2TB rumor by saying it was “never going to happen” and another by saying, “Good luck with that.” Others were more optimistic about iPhone technology advancements.

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