A teen councilman from Alabama who voted against the mask mandate tested positive for COVID-19


Last year, when he was the youngest person elected to his municipal council, a teenager (who’s only 19) came forward to announce that he is positive for COVID-19.

In January 2017, Hunter Pepper, 19, of the nearby city of Jonesboro, reported to local news affiliate WAFF that he had tested positive for COVID-19, and that he had spent nearly six hours in a local hospital where he was diagnosed with “COVID pneumonia.”

A city council member from Decatur spoke up after having been exposed to the virus, saying, “I didn’t believe they were that horrible, and they are, they are terrible, and it is rough.”

Pepper stated in a Facebook post that his illness “has worried me and my family.”

He is claimed to have commented, “The media continues to cover Covid-19 and presents ‘Death’ every time.” “I truly am scared about that, but I have faith in God.”

After vomiting, headache, fever, and shortness of breath, WAFF reports that Pepper, whose symptoms included these issues, has recovered in his home.

On April 10, Pepper voted in favor of allowing people to decide whether to wear a mask in public, explaining that he believed “wearing a mask should be my choice.”

Another kid was critical of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who had recently said that “unvaccinated people” were to responsible for an increase in COVID-19 cases. He argued that those who refuse vaccinations were “letting us down.”

A month before, while writing on vaccines, Pepper commented, “If you make the choice to get vaccinated, that is your choice.”

He also noted that he would never “force his beliefs” on others or tell them that they are not wonderful members of society unless they agreed with him.

Some critics have chided WAFF this week because they want there to be no ventilator available for Pepper.

However, he went on to say, “I dread the prospect of being placed on a ventilator.” We all have the right to our own beliefs, and it’s never okay to attempt to tear us down or to wish death on us simply because of something we believe in.

Though his personal belief on the necessity of safety limits for COVID-19 has changed, the councilman does not feel that governments should demand masks or vaccines for citizens.

But it shouldn’t be mandatory and it shouldn’t be made mandatory, but I believe everyone should make a contribution.

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